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Eliminate downtime. Save money.

Silvereye's management has a strong background in federal government IT requirement planning and federal government IT acquisition policies. We're the firefighters here to put out your (IT) problems.

Our mission is to minimize the downtime between the market research/planning stage and the solution delivery. This is done by assigning each project a specialist, including business development, program management, engineering, solution architects, contracts support, sales, and logistics.

Silvereye builds and adapts cutting-edge information systems & platforms - the same information systems that we strategically source to the U.S. government. Silvereye leads by example and continues to evolve into the highest level of value-addedness for the U.S. government: systems integrators.

Our Process

Silvereye frequently uncovers and resolves incompatibilities while working with government end-users on a variety of information technology projects. Incoming requirements are first viewed by the end-user's designated account representative and then any information about the requirement is inputted and viewed by Silvereye's management. This is the first significant level of filtration after a requirement reaches Silvereye Technologies; it ensures that multiple experts up the chain get a good look at the requirement, the end-user who is requesting it, and any up-front questions or concerns from the end user.

Silvereye has a vendor management team, which includes two of our managing partners. This team is evaluated based on the increase in Silvereye's breadth of products and services offered and partnership levels associated with those products and services. Currently Silvereye partners with several of the largest IT distributions in the world, and our headquarters is conveniently located outside of Washington, DC - where the overwhelming majority of federal-focused offices for IT manufacturers are located.

Our two-pronged channel management structure, vendor and partner management, allows us to negotiate with a wide range of manufacturers, distributors, and partners by gathering information from different parts of the channel, and thus most effectively offer the best product-based solution services, support, materials, and pricing structure to our end-users.

We look forward to working with you to explain our well-established processes and to provide top-tier service.